Update + watch list

What have I been up to

Apologies to my 0 weekly readers for my absence - I’ve been swamped with research and school over the past couple weeks. Anyways, here is a brief list of some interesting and thought-provoking videos/books I have watched/read recently.


  • When Time Became History - Kurzgesagt - Super short video on the history of our evolution as a species.
  • Decision Trees - ritvikmath - To be fair, this was intended to supplement a topic I have been learning about in class. However, I thought ritvik (I assume) did a great job explaining a pretty complex topic with a relatively simple example.
  • Winning Google Kickstart A - William Lin - I just want to code as well as this guy someday.
  • “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix - This is one of those documentaries that really makes you question your daily routine and schedule. Worth a watch for anyone semi-addicted to their phones who wants to be scared out of their rut.


  • Zero To One by Peter Thiel - This might be the best book about the future of entrepreneurship and technology I have ever read. It’s pretty short (300-ish pages) and definitely changed my perspective on how the future will unfold.
  • Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell - I just started this book, but I’m already hooked. Be warned - this is a heavy read (I’ve been trying to read a couple pages a day).
  • Bad Blood by John Carreyrou - Great read about the inner workings of Silicon Valley, and about what can go wrong when basic human incentives get muddled up by greed.
Written on October 8, 2020